Period Instruments

There is a sub-gallery for every instrument group, click on the bold link under teaser image for more. Link will open in a new window.

Renaissance Violins

Renaissance Violins manufactured by Rakić Atelje Radionica Novi Sad (Стеван Ракић)

Woodwind Gallery

Renaissance Flutes manufactured by Pracownia Instrumentów Muzycznych Grzegorza Tomaszewicza (Warszawa)

Renaissance Regal

1973 Renaissance Regal by Dirk Andries Flentrop, Zaandam


1980 Tischpositiv by Richard Burrows, designed by Richard Wood


Lira korbowa ("Henryk Walezy")

1973 Renaissance Henry III style Hurdy Gurdy by Terry Warrington

Clavicembalo con Cinque Semituoni Spezzati

1999 Italian Harpsichord with split keys by Jack Peters

16e eeuw Virginal ŕ la Quinte

2004 Quint Virginal after Ioes Karest 1548 by Jack Peters





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