Welcome to Ansámbl Luython, The premier Ensamble Group Specializing in Eastern European Renaissance Music.

Ansámbl Luython is the USA’s premier performing group of Eastern European Renaissanc, using original instruments, pitch, and temperament. The group relies on extensive musicological, organological and linguistic research in an attempt to perform the music in its original spirit. One of our trademarks is that every instrument is commissioned in customized form that are as close to historical museum pieces or musical treatise as possible. Our group does not play at the pitches and temperament that other HIP group uses because of convenience. We believe that musical instruments serve the music, not the other way around. Subsequently all instruments of the group are unique. We commission our instruments not just from the best luthiers, but also those that will go the extra mile in their craft. The unique instruments that we use also pose challenges to our musicians that other HIP groups will not encounter. For Ansámbl Luython, we consider ourselves as spiritual descendants of pioneer groups and individuals from the dawn of the early music revival movement. Our motto is a!=392Hz.


Mahan Esfahani (BBC resident artist, harpsichordist)
I'm listening to your Missa Paschalis recording, Vince. It's aces. Really nice. Wonderful start to the day.... ...Looking forward to more, really, someone needs to pay more attention to this music.
June 17.2012

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