Ansámbl Luython started off as a dream, one pushed into fruition on the advice of a very wise Episcopal Priest.

“Attempt greatness at least once or you will never know if you would have failed otherwise.” -Father John Rawlinson, February 2012

Thus a side interest became a massive musicological undertaking. From the commissioning of instruments that were borderline experimental, recruiting musicians willing to perform pieces by incredible but obscure composers, the booking of venues and scheduling hectic rehearsal times accommodating the very busy lives off all the players involved a lot of time and funds were invested in a concept that few if any individuals have attempted before.

Ansámbl Luython made its much anticipated debut performance at BFX12 (Berkeley Music Festival) June 4th 2012 featuring a Polish oriented program to an almost to capacity venue and a full reception of complimentary regional period cuisine and drink afterward.

The mission continues to rediscover precious compositions of Eastern Europe and breathe a new life into them. We are committed to the revitalization of music and application of music theory and usage of period instruments not heard elsewhere of a very specific region and era.

Our group is named in honor of Carolus Luython (1557 – 2 August 1620)

Courtesy of Wikipedia-

'...Luython was a late composer of the "fifth generation" of the Franco-Flemish school.
Luython was born in Antwerp, and was recruited as a child to serve in the choir of Maximilian II in Vienna. After Maximillian's death in 1576 Luython become court organist and composer to Rudolf II first in Vienna, then in Prague, while his fellow Fleming Philippe de Monte was Kapellmeister 1568–1603, together with the Germans Hans Leo Hassler and Jakob Hassler. After Rudolf II died in 1612 Luython was among many court officials dismissed without pension by Rudolf's successor Matthias. Luython was forced to sell his possessions, including his harpsichord, and died in poverty at Prague.'

We are currently actively looking for patrons and donations to help commission more unique and historically correct instruments. All commissions will be wholly unique to the needs of Ansámbl Luython and WILL NOT be tunable to A=440.

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